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Picture Matting Openings, Knowing the Difference Between Them

One of the big challenges for anyone trying to mat their pictures or artwork is figuring out the opening size for the picture mat.  What you want to consider are some key factors to make sure that what you purchase will be exactly what you need.

Our matting has standard openings.

For example, if you purchase an 11x14 mat for an 8x10 picture, the opening will be reduced so that it OVERLAPS an 8x10 picture.  So the opening on an 11x14 picture mat would actually be 7.5x9.5 so that it overlaps by 1/4" all the way around the picture.

If your image is 8x10 but printed on larger paper, this reduction may cut off more than you want, so you may have to request a custom opening by using the term EXACT 8x10.  This will tell us to make sure the opening is cut to exactly 8x10 and there is no loss of image when matted.  Exact opening mats are not stocked, but can be custom cut for you. Contact us today to get quotes on bulk custom picture mats.

If you have questions on our stock opening sizes, please refer to our sizing chart here