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Panoramic Picture Mats are Here

Bux1 Picture Matting has begun offering Panoramic picture mats.  The concept behind panoramic picture matting is simple, rectangle inside of another rectangle, but we always struggled with what sizes to stock or offer.  Panoramic pictures are not exactly standard or offered in standard sizes so we did what anyone does nowadays when they have a question about something... they Google it.  After a bit of research we were able to figure out some "standard" sizes to offer.  Now, if you have a picture that you need matting for and you don't see your size offered, then please contact us or use our custom panoramic picture mat form that can be found

Here are our standard panoramic picture mat sizes:

8x16 for 4x12 Picture- Opening 3.5x11.5
12x20 for 8x16 Picture- Opening 7.5x15.5
12x28 for 8x24 Picture- Opening 7.5x23.5
12x36 for 8x32 Picture- Opening 7.5x31.5
14x24 for 10x20 Picture- Opening 9.5x19.5
8x24 for 6x21 Picture- Opening 5.5x20.5

Our Panoramic picture mats can be found here