Our Black, White and Cream Colored Picture Matting is Acid Free-Standard

We are so happy to let everyone know that our Black, White and Cream picture matting now comes acid free, standard!  Historically Acid free picture matting cost more, but we have been able to find ways to save and pass that savings along to our customers.  No matter what size picture mat you purchase, as long as it is in black, white or cream, you will be getting acid free picture matting!

Panoramic Picture Mats are Here

Bux1 Picture Matting has begun offering Panoramic picture mats.  The concept behind panoramic picture matting is simple, rectangle inside of another rectangle, but we always struggled with what sizes to stock or offer.  Panoramic pictures are not exactly standard or offered in standard sizes so we did what anyone does nowadays when they have a question about something... they Google it.  After a bit of research we were able to figure out some "standard" sizes to offer.  Now, if you have a picture that you need matting for and you don't see your size offered, then please contact us or use our custom panoramic picture mat form that can be found

Here are our standard panoramic picture mat sizes:

8x16 for 4x12 Picture- Opening 3.5x11.5
12x20 for 8x16 Picture- Opening 7.5x15.5
12x28 for 8x24 Picture- Opening 7.5x23.5
12x36 for 8x32 Picture- Opening 7.5x31.5
14x24 for 10x20 Picture- Opening 9.5x19.5
8x24 for 6x21 Picture- Opening 5.5x20.5

Our Panoramic picture mats can be found here

Picture Matting Openings, Knowing the Difference Between Them

One of the big challenges for anyone trying to mat their pictures or artwork is figuring out the opening size for the picture mat.  What you want to consider are some key factors to make sure that what you purchase will be exactly what you need.

Our matting has standard openings.

For example, if you purchase an 11x14 mat for an 8x10 picture, the opening will be reduced so that it OVERLAPS an 8x10 picture.  So the opening on an 11x14 picture mat would actually be 7.5x9.5 so that it overlaps by 1/4" all the way around the picture.

If your image is 8x10 but printed on larger paper, this reduction may cut off more than you want, so you may have to request a custom opening by using the term EXACT 8x10.  This will tell us to make sure the opening is cut to exactly 8x10 and there is no loss of image when matted.  Exact opening mats are not stocked, but can be custom cut for you. Contact us today to get quotes on bulk custom picture mats.

If you have questions on our stock opening sizes, please refer to our sizing chart here

Square Picture Mats Are All the Rage

Did you know that we offer square picture mats?  We offer them in multiple sizes along with being able to do almost any custom size imaginable.  Our stock sizes are 16x16, 12x12, 10x10 and 8x8's.  Our openings vary, but keep in mind that each opening size we give is for the picture size itself.  So, for example, if we say something is for an 8x8 picture, the opening will always be 7.5x7.5 to overlap an 8x8 picture.  If you need your picture matting to be a certain square size or a specific opening size, just let us know and we can work up a price for you.  We can almost 100% guarantee that we will beat any local price hands down.  Check out our selection of square picture mats here

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We Aren't Just Bulk Matting... Take This Instagram Inspired Frame

Available in any frame style, stocked in 1.25" in and 1.75" Black Rustic

Available in any frame style, stocked in 1.25" in and 1.75" Black Rustic

Now don't get me wrong matting is pretty exciting, right? Well, it is for us but sometimes we have to come up with items of offerings that can be fun for everyone else.  That is where the Facebook/Instagram inspired frame came from.  All the time we are seeing our friends and family posting pictures online of their babies growth month by month.  Each month there is a new picture of their baby wearing a onsie with that month's milestone number on the front.  Our mat and frame combo is the perfect way to help these loving parents display these pictures.  The square openings are inspired by the Instagram format and the 13 openings is just the right number to display all your pictures plus the birthday boy or girls pic in the center at one year!  At 18x18 it is just enough frame to give the little ones ample viewing on the wall but not so big that you need a giant wall just to hang it on.  We hope that for anyone who has friends or family posting these pictures that you will find this frame just as fun.  For sale in our frames section.


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Who We Are?

Is it really that important to know who we are?  Isn't more interesting for us to get to know you?  I mean you are the one who has taken the time to visit this site and even more time to read this.  In this day and age of digital distractions it is harder and harder to make an impression on customers.  We typically have someone looking at our page for about 30 seconds and then POOF!  Gone! Off to the wasteland of the Google search. Kind of sad really :(  If those people took a deep breath and a little more time they would quickly find that the one thing we focus on more than anything else is... them!  Over the years we have gotten to know you and what you need.  We know that you are looking for!  Quality products, a great price and you want them in your hands fast.  Pheww!  That's a lot to keep up with, but we do it every single day and have been for over 15 years.  Our focus is making sure you are happy with our products, service and pricing.  We have made it a part of our company's mission statement that the number one priority is customer service.  We know we may only have your attention for about another 5 seconds or so, but if you give us a chance you will not find a better company to work with for all of your picture matting needs.  Whether you want to buy in bulk or one single custom mat, Bux1 Picture Matting is here for you!  I know you are itching to get back to the Google screen.  We just hope to see you back soon.


Thanks, The Bux1 Picture Matting Staff,

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